Princess Almighty



Some of the utter retarded shit HRH Almighty has been asked!


Q. Are you REALLY a Dominatrix? You look too cute!  

A. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Trust me. I am fucking evil. A true smiling sadist <3


Q. “Hey bb u show pussy/ tits/ ass hole.. u sexi...”    

A. Get in the fucking sea mate.


Q. Do you have sound? I want to hear you call me a pervert!    

A. ADULTWORK- Are we in GROUP?! ..Then no. I would have to keep pausing my music and I really cannot be fucked to do that every 10 seconds. Are we in PRIVATE?! Then hells yeah! Let's get this shit on!  SKYPE- FOR SUREEEE BRAHHH!


Q. Can you switch my cam on? I want you to watch me stick this carrot up my bum.    

​A. ADULTWORK- Like sound...GROUP- No.Private- Let's party! :D

SKYPE- Whatever floats your perverted little boat!


Q. Ok, so I have this really weird/ odd/ taboo thing.. Can we do it?    

​A. ADULTWORK- Read the AW guidelines, if it goes against it then no. I don't fancy getting kicked off just so you could have a awesome wank. BUT do drop me a email and we can discuss <3 I AM VERY OPEN AND TWISTED! :D

SKYPE & REAL TIME SESSIONS- As long as it doesn't involve fucking you, anything to do with kids, animals or illegal things then ask away.


Q. Do you do meets?    

A. Yes. Yes I do. Read my description, or my website or drop me a email! Or even better, book a online session and let’s discuss! :D


Q. Wow! You're ace! Will you come to my house?  

 A. No.... Again.. get in the sea. I don't fancy a gang rape so I WONT visit you at your house UNLESS you are a regular slave.


Q. OK so on a meet.. will you let me lick your asshole and then fuck you?    

A. SERIOUSLY!?!? FFS. No. Please read my profile. The only guy who gets to fuck me or lick out my asshole isn't you. And will never be you.


Q. Are you like... a man or a... t-girl? No offense or anything...    

A. I seriously cannot facepalm enough right now.


Q. Can I buy you *** to wear/ use on me?    

A. Oh fuck yes! :D


Q. Can I get a discount? I can give you a tenner for a overnight.    

A. Oh yeah ok then! Awesome! Wow a whole £10! that's like £1 a hour!!!! OK!!!!!........ That is sarcasm. No, you won’t get a discount. Don't be a cheap ass cunt and ask.


Q. Can I get a custom clip or video message?    

A. Of course you can sugar tits. Hit me up a email.


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